Safety Accessories

We supply these same bathroom safety products to customers like you everyday. Over our years in business we have found using products best suited to our clients needs works best. In order to find these products we go to the experts, for us that’s an occupational therapist we work with everyday. She lets us know which are the safest and most suited for the bathroom safety application.

Bathroom Safety Grab Bars

We are specialists in elderly bathroom safety grab bar installation, so call today for courteous, prompt service and lasting peace of mind! 1-833-276-0367

Our elderly bathroom grab bar installer carries all sizes of anti-slip grab bars. Our specialist will evaluate the accessibility of your bathroom, help you choose size and placement of grab bars, and install the safety grab bars in the same trip – all in about an hour for an average bath!

Your Safety Grab Bar Installer will provide you:
  • FREE Bathroom evaluation to determine placement of safety grab bar
  • Option to add more grab bars anywhere in your house.
  • Choose any combination of sizes: 12″, 16″, 24″, 36″ (Bars are 3.5 inches longer than their name.)
  • Lifetime Warranty on all grab bars means you never need to buy another bar.
  • State of the art anchoring systems are included.
  • Stainless steel hardware designed for a bathroom environment
  • All service and labour by insured professional installers with extensive experience.
  • FREE service call, no trip charges.
  • We accept Cash, Cheques, Visa or MasterCard.
A bathroom fall can change your life. Prevent falls now.

We offer a free consultation with a grab bar installer before any work is done. Grab Bar placement, designed to meet your needs and the needs of your loved ones, is key in making your bathroom a safer place. Our grab bar packages make grab bar installation in your home or business fast and easy. Everything is included. There are never hidden charges or surprises.

We are aging in place specialists attuned to the needs of seniors who would like to remain active and independent. Limited mobility, balance and strength, bath safety, and independent living are addressed by our grab bar installation services.